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La Marzocco Strada S

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Introducing the La Marzocco Strada S – the pinnacle of espresso machine design and functionality, crafted with input from thirty of the world's top coffee professionals, the esteemed "Street Team." This collaboration has birthed an espresso machine that seamlessly merges innovation, creativity, and precision, making it an essential asset for any café or coffee shop.

Key Features and Benefits:

Low Profile Design

  • The Strada S boasts a sleek, low-profile design, ideal for fostering customer interaction and providing baristas with a spacious, open work environment.

Programmable Doses

  • Simplify your workflow with programmable doses, ensuring consistency and repeatability in every cup. For ultimate precision, optional integrated scales offer mass-based brewing functionality.

Pro Touch Steam Wands

  • High-performing steam wands remain cool to the touch, ensuring safety and comfort during use.

Independent Saturated Boilers

  • With PID control, each grouphead and steam boiler can be independently programmed and accurately controlled, guaranteeing the perfect temperature for every beverage.

Expansive Drip Tray

  • An adjustable drip tray increases workspace, accommodating tall, to-go cups and providing extra room for staging cups and cleaning cloths.

PID Temperature and Pressure Control

  • Set independent temperatures for each grouphead and steam boiler with accuracy to 0.1 degrees Fahrenheit. Create unique pressure curves with confidence, thanks to a PID relay system.

Hot Water Economiser

  • Fine-tune the tap water temperature for rinsing, enhancing your workflow and efficiency.

Saturated Groups

  • Ensure unparalleled thermal stability shot after shot, delivering consistent quality with every espresso.

Configuration Options:

  • Available in either Auto-Volumetrics (AV) or Auto-Volumetrics with Scales (ABR), the Strada S adapts to your specific needs, offering flexibility and precision.

Elevate your café’s espresso experience with the La Marzocco Strada S, where innovation meets artistry, and every cup is a testament to perfection. Available now for cafés and coffee shops across Australia.

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