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The Darkstar Training Academy has been developed to offer critical training in essential areas of coffee. You may ask why should I choose Darkstar though? Aside from being a company led by some pretty passionate coffee aficionados, all courses have been tailored to ensure you have the most enjoyable and informative experience possible; providing a welcoming environment, with state-of-the-art equipment and training led by some of the most experienced and talented baristas in the country. We aim to support and nurture enthusiasts, baristas and cafes in reaching their goals, whatever they may be, and providing courses that can excite, grow and enhance your skills.


Darkstar’s In-House Coffee Maestro and Trainer

Darkstar is absolutely thrilled to have Barista Champion Andy Tseng as part of the team. Andy is our resident coffee guru and coffee school trainer. Andy has built a strong and respected reputation within the WA and national coffee communities, having been involved (and very successful!) in the coffee competition scene since 2015 (and the coffee industry well before that).

Among Andy’s impressive achievements are three coveted Regional Latte Art Championship titles. Andy has also had the honour of being invited to participate in coffee competitions in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, ranking in the top 10 nationally in the Australian Speciality Coffee Association Latte art competition.

In addition to his coffee achievements, Andy has an abundance of coffee experience and knowledge, which he is eager to share with fellow enthusiasts; whether they be amateurs just starting out on the coffee machine for the first time or specialists seeking to further hone, enhance and improve their skills.

Andy is exceptionally approachable and warm, creating a friendly, enjoyable and easy-going atmosphere for his classes (the perfect teacher in our view!).

Some of Andy’s achievements include:  

  • ASCA WA Latte Art 2015 - Runner up.
  • ASCA WA/SA Latte Art 2016 - Champion.
  • Milk Lab Latte Art Competition 2016 - Champion.
  • ASCA WA/SA Latte Art 2018 - Runner up.
  • ASCA WA/SA Latte Art 2019 - Champion.
  • ASCA WA/SA Latte Art 2020 - Champion.
  • Top 10 in ASCA Ranking Nation Wide.

Andy leads Darkstar’s two coffee courses, with information on these provided further below. Book in and dive into the world of coffee!

Courses Offered

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