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The Darkstar Training Academy has been developed with the vision to provide the absolute very-best training in Coffee Business Management. Our goal is to assist small business operators, at all levels, in reaching their full potential. Great Coffee, State of the Art Equipment and Superstar Baristas are just a piece of the puzzle. We have recruited a team of specialists, from Barista Champions to Business Management Gurus to provide specialised training and education to ensure your team and business have every opportunity for sustainable growth and success.

Regardless of your needs, whether you are looking to develop and improve your Espresso Fundamentals, Café Operations or enter the next Barista Competition, our goal is to provide a simple and structured approach to the core “coffee business” fundamentals, in the effort to support the development and delivery of a world class coffee program for all.


Courses Offered

Espresso Brewing Fundamentals

Ideal for Baristas at all levels, this course will set the foundation and give you a solid understanding of the skills and knowledge you will require to feel totally comfortable around the Espresso Machine.

Late Art Fundamentals

Latte Art Fundamentals is one of our most popular courses. This 2 hour course will delve deep into the philosophy and fundamental techniques required to get you producing the key latte art patterns.

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