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At Home Barista Training Course

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    Introduction to ​Barista Training At Home (1.5 Hours)

    Elevate you’re at home coffee brewing experience with our bespoke Barista Training Course. This program is meticulously designed for those coffee enthusiasts who delight in refining their brewing skills at home and crave the perfect cup every time.

    Our expert trainer will come to you, loaded with the necessary training materials, transforming your kitchen into a coffee connoisseur's paradise.

    You can look forward to hands-on instructions in techniques for perfect espresso extraction, mastering the art of milk texturing and laying the groundwork for stunning latte art, all within the familiar environment of your home.

    Our trainer will not only impart brewing wisdom but will also teach you how to properly clean and maintain your coffee machine for optimal results.

    The 'Introduction to Barista Training' course demystifies the intriguing world of coffee for you. It provides the skills necessary to become an effective barista, offering comprehensive knowledge of coffee machines and other essential equipment. While this training is highly beneficial for beginners, it is also designed to serve experienced baristas seeking to refine their skills and maintain the highest possible standards of coffee making.

    Additionally, our course will guide you through:

    • The 'Green Bean Experience': getting an all-encompassing understanding of the coffee process, right from the raw green beans to your morning cup.
    • Equipment Training: learning how to effectively use an espresso machine and grinder, with a particular emphasis on calibration.
    • Espresso Extraction and Pouring: understanding how to set up an immaculate extraction and control all variables for an outstanding espresso.
    • Milk Texturing: learning the correct methods to steam, vortex, and pour milk.
    • Milk Techniques: creating silky, glossy, and tasty milk, ideal for latte art.
    • Workflow and Cleaning: discover how to work efficiently in the café space and clean your equipment effectively, to maintain its longevity and ensure every coffee is consistently excellent.

    Also, there is a Q&A session at the end of the course, to answer any coffee related queries you may have.

    So why wait? Bring the best of the coffee world to your doorstep with our at home Barista Training Course.

    * Our course is offered in both English and Mandarin.

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