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1. Preamble

At Darkstar Coffee, we intertwine our passion for coffee with an unwavering commitment to value. With this Fair Pricing Commitment, we merge top-notch products, expert insights, and unparalleled service to ensure you get premium value for every dollar.

2. Conditions for Price Matching

a. The competitor in question should be an accredited Australian retail entity.

b. The product should be a mirror-match in terms of brand, specifications, and style, and must be available for immediate purchase at both Darkstar Coffee and the competing retailer.

c. The competitor's quoted price must be verifiable either in their brick-and-mortar store or on their official Australian web portal.

3. Steps to Secure a Price Match

a. Intend to seek a price match? Ensure you raise the request before your purchase, either face-to-face or through electronic correspondence at any Darkstar Coffee outlet.

b. The merchandise should be available for an immediate transaction at both outlets: ours and the competitor's.

c. A Darkstar Coffee Sales Representative must independently validate the product's price and its availability. Once the validation is successful, we'll honor the matched price.

4. Instances Where Price Match Isn't Applicable

Darkstar Coffee reserves the right to decline a price match if:

a. The matched price falls beneath our procurement cost.

b. The conditions for price matching, as outlined, aren't satisfied.

c. The product from our competitor is:

  • A showroom piece, previously owned, or revamped.
  • Procured from retailers with distinctive trading constraints like Duty-Free shops, factory outlets, liquidation sales, or those undergoing financial distress.
  • Acquired from non-recognized dealers.
  • Featured on a digital-only portal without any physical presence in Australia.

d. The competing price is:

  • A web-exclusive deal.
  • Derived from specialized negotiations or limited to niche audiences, such as company tie-ups, subscribers, or members of exclusive clubs.
  • Attained through non-cash benefits like reward points or discount codes.

6. Need Clarifications? Reach Out!

For inquiries related to our Fair Pricing Commitment or to instigate a price match, do get in touch with the nearest Darkstar Coffee outlet or drop us an email.


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