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Fiamma Astrolab 2 Group Coffee Machine

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Discover the Astrolab series by Fiamma, a symphony of advanced engineering and refined design tailored for the connoisseur of premium espresso. Astrolab stands out as a beacon of innovation, offering a choice between the sophisticated Pressure Profile (PP) and the classic Multiboiler (MB) systems to cater to every barista’s preference.

Elevated Brewing Precision:

  • Pressure Profile Models: Astrolab PP variants (2 PP and 3 PP) allow baristas to tailor the pressure profile for each coffee extraction, delivering a personalised espresso experience that highlights the unique characteristics of each coffee bean.
  • Multiboiler Models: Astrolab MB versions (2 MB and 3 MB) provide consistent traditional 9 bar extraction, ensuring uniform quality and flavour with each shot.

Key Features of the Astrolab Series:

  • Intuitive Operation: Navigate the brewing process effortlessly with an elegant, robust keyboard and monitor each phase of extraction on a sophisticated OLED display.
  • Temperature Consistency: Independent, thermally insulated boilers in the Multiboiler models offer unmatched temperature stability for perfect espresso extraction.
  • Digital Management: Effortlessly control shot timers, temperatures, and other critical parameters for optimal machine performance.

Advanced Technical Specifications:

  • Efficient Multiboiler System: Features pre-heated coffee water boilers for enhanced performance and energy savings.
  • Ergonomic Design: Cool touch steam tubes, instant flush capability, and insulated boilers for safety and efficiency.
  • Comprehensive Control: With features like PID temperature control, shot timers, smart alerts, and programmable water portions, Astrolab offers a fully customisable espresso experience.

Model Specifics:

  • Astrolab 2 MB: Compact and powerful, with dual coffee boilers and a 3 kW water boiler, ideal for small to medium-sized cafes.
  • Astrolab 3 MB/PP: Catering to higher volume needs with three group heads and additional features for larger establishments.

Sustainable and User-Friendly:

  • Astrolab’s sequential heating and energy-saving features reduce power consumption, while automatic cleaning functions promote ease of maintenance.

Design and Customisation:

  • Astrolab’s sleek steel design, complemented by optional LED lights and 360º knobs, adds elegance to functionality. Customisation options are available to align with your cafe’s aesthetic.

The Astrolab series by Fiamma represents the apex of espresso machine design, offering a blend of technological sophistication and ease of use that will elevate the art of espresso in any setting. Whether you prefer the nuanced control of Pressure Profile or the steadfast consistency of Multiboiler, Astrolab delivers exceptional quality and performance, making every cup an exquisite journey into the heart of coffee craftsmanship.

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