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Expobar Ruggero Rafael

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Dive into the world of exquisite espresso with The Rafael. Its sleek, stainless-steel body paired with lustrous black sides is more than a machine - it's a statement piece, a conversation starter, a testament to what a café's soul can reflect.

Standout Features:

  1. Striking Aesthetics: Curvaceous design rendered in radiant stainless-steel ensures "The Rafael" is a head-turner on any café counter.

  2. Cost-Effective Excellence: Disavè has seamlessly merged affordability with superior design and quality components, upholding the stellar reputation they're known for.

  3. Configuration Flexibility: Choose between 2 or 3 group high group configurations, ensuring scalability for different café sizes.

  4. High-End Mechanics:

    • Volumetric Control: Pre-program your desired water volume for consistent shot pulls.
    • Integrated System: In-built pump and motor facilitate seamless operations.
    • Traditional Copper Boiler: A nod to timeless espresso-making techniques.
    • Automatic Back Flush Program: Keeping the machine in optimal condition.
    • Illuminated Touch Pads: Elevate the user experience with glowing blue touch pads.
    • Dual Pressure Gauge: Ensure the perfect pressure every time for the ideal espresso.
  5. Disavè’s Intuitive Shot Timer Upgrade:

    • Perfect Every Shot: Real-time feedback ensures baristas aim for and achieve that 'golden' extraction.
    • Performance Monitoring: USB-enabled feature for collecting and analyzing daily brewing metrics, setting the benchmark for consistent quality.
  6. Customise to Your Liking: "The Rafael" is not just a machine, but a canvas for your café’s unique needs. From lever steam arms and ambient barista lights to faster steam recovery upgrades, tailor the machine to match your vision and operational requirements.

In Closing:

"The Rafael isn't merely an espresso machine; it's the embodiment of reliability and sophistication, a blend of old-world charm and contemporary technology. Let it be the centrepiece of your café, a silent testament to your commitment to quality and elegance. For a deeper dive into its myriad features or customisation options, our Disavè connoisseurs are always at your service.

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