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Barista Attitude Storm Multi-Boiler SAEP

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Craftsmanship Meets Technology

The Storm coffee machine represents the pinnacle of artisan craftsmanship intertwined with cutting-edge technology. Designed for baristas who wish to fully express their skills and creativity, Storm offers simplicity and comfort in every action, allowing for a personal touch in coffee preparation.

A Journey Back in Time

Storm embodies a quest for lost values, revived through a blend of cultural and artisanal approaches that have quickly spread globally. At its heart, it places supreme importance on the delivered coffee, making the barista's meticulous gestures the focal point, rich with symbolic significance.

Revolutionising Relationships

This machine transforms the interaction between the barista and the coffee enthusiast. The barista, with a near-obsessive attention to detail, selects the beans, and oversees the roasting and brewing, presenting a ritual that combines preparation and storytelling.

Total Control and Flexibility

As a competition-grade machine, Storm ensures complete mastery over the manual dispensing of single-origin coffee. It simultaneously accommodates memorised brewing curves to consistently highlight the aromatic and flavour nuances of the coffee.

Design and Functionality

Designed with the barista's movement in mind, Storm facilitates precise control over coffee brewing. Its analog and digital features support customized brewing profiles, while its elegant design stems from a long-standing collaboration with Adriano Design, a renowned Turin-based studio.

Innovative Features

Storm introduces a suspended drip tray and an anti-scalding, cantilevered steam wand with a Super Dry system for enhanced steam performance. Its design not only prioritises aesthetics but also practicality and safety, making it a standout in the coffee machine realm.

Customisable and Ergonomic

With options for wood customisation and adjustable feet, Storm is not just a coffee machine but a statement piece that can be tailored to individual tastes. It offers a unique front-line experience, fostering a closer connection between the barista and the customer.

Technical Specifications

  • Available in 2 to 3 group versions
  • Manual and automatic dispensing features
  • Advanced boiler and steam wand technologies
  • Ergonomic and customisable design elements
  • Energy-saving and performance monitoring capabilities

Optional and Aesthetic Choices

  • Various unit heights and lighting options
  • Adjustable electronic cup warmer
  • Multiple colour and panel choices, including a premium copper option

For those who value precision, artistry, and a rich coffee experience, the Storm coffee machine is the ultimate choice. Explore more at Storm Barista Attitude.

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