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Unveiling the Torre Rosalina: A Closer Look at Its Exceptional Features & Specifications

Unveiling the Torre Rosalina: A Closer Look at Its Exceptional Features & Specifications

When it comes to elevating the coffee experience, the Torre Rosalina coffee machine stands out with its advanced features and robust specifications. Designed for coffee aficionados and professional baristas alike, this machine combines functionality with precision to deliver the perfect cup of coffee every time. Let’s dive into the remarkable features and specifications that make the Torre Rosalina a top choice for coffee connoisseurs.

Key Features of the Torre Rosalina

Groups Ring with Thermosiphonic Circulation

The TORRE ROSALINA boasts a groups ring with thermosiphonic circulation, ensuring even heat distribution and optimal temperature stability. This feature is crucial for extracting the full flavour and aroma from the coffee beans, providing a consistently rich and balanced espresso shot.

Volumetric Pump

With a powerful volumetric pump capable of 100L/h, the TORRE ROSALINA ensures steady water pressure and flow rate, vital for the perfect espresso extraction process. This high-capacity pump supports the machine's ability to cater to high-demand settings without compromising on quality.

Joystick Steam Taps

The inclusion of joystick steam taps offers baristas precise control over steam pressure, making it easier to achieve the perfect froth for cappuccinos and lattes. This ergonomic design ensures both efficiency and comfort during operation.

Automatic Hot Water Dispenser with Timer

The automatic hot water dispenser, equipped with a timer, allows for precise control over water dispensing, ideal for making Americanos or pre-heating cups to maintain the coffee’s temperature.

Copper Boiler

A large 12.5L copper boiler lies at the heart of the TORRE ROSALINA, ensuring excellent thermal conductivity and temperature consistency. This sizeable boiler supports continuous coffee brewing, even during peak hours.

Mechanic Pressostat

The mechanic pressostat maintains accurate boiler pressure, which is crucial for consistent espresso extraction and overall machine performance.

Electronic Control Board and Double Scale Manometer

Advanced electronic control and a double scale manometer provide real-time feedback and precise control over the machine's functions, including boiler pressure and pump pressure monitoring.

Volumetric Control and Shot Timer

Volumetric control allows for precise dosing of the coffee, ensuring consistency in every shot. Combined with the shot timer, baristas can fine-tune the extraction time to perfection.

Pre-Infusion and Automatic Groups Washing Cycles

The pre-infusion feature gently soaks the coffee grounds before full extraction, enhancing the coffee’s flavor profile. Additionally, automatic groups washing cycles simplify the cleaning process, ensuring the machine remains in top condition.

Innovative Display and Alarm Systems

A user-friendly display provides essential information at a glance, while the water filter alarm and services cycles alarm keep maintenance needs timely and manageable.

Extra Accessories

The machine includes a second two-spout filter holder, adding flexibility and convenience for busy baristas.

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