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Elevate Your Coffee Experience with the XLVI STH 9 Coffee Machine

Elevate Your Coffee Experience with the XLVI STH 9 Coffee Machine

Elevate Your Café Experience with the XLVI STH-9: A Masterclass in Coffee Perfection

In the dynamic world of specialty coffee, the XLVI STH-9 stands out as a pinnacle of innovation, tailored for high-volume cafés seeking unmatched quality and efficiency. This marvel of engineering is designed with your café's needs in mind, promising an unparalleled coffee experience with every cup.

Introducing Revolutionary Technology The STH-9 is equipped with XLVI's exclusive multi-boiler technology, ensuring extraordinary thermal stability and energy efficiency. This, paired with intuitive electronics, allows for complete customisation to fit any café environment perfectly.

Key Features:

  • Multi-boiler Technology: Incorporates a heat exchange system for superior thermal stability.
  • Saturated Group Heads: XLVI's exclusive design for consistent espresso extraction.
  • Advanced PID System: Ensures precise temperature control.
  • Durable Construction: Full stainless steel/copper insulated chassis for longevity.
  • Ergonomic Design: Solenoid-activated steam and hot water with cool-touch wands.
  • High Capacity: Internal rotary pump with a 150 litres/hour flow rate.
  • Intuitive Interface: Display touchpad menu and individual LCD shot timers.
  • Eco-Friendly: Features an eco mode and customizable on/off sleep timer.
  • Maintenance Friendly: Automatic backflushing function for easy cleaning.

Specifications for Excellence:

  • Dimensions: 950 x 550 x 550mm — designed to fit seamlessly in any space.
  • Weight: 85kg, ensuring robust stability.
  • Powerful Performance: 6700W wattage with a 21L boiler capacity.
  • Energy Efficient: Operates on 240V, 32A for optimal energy use.

The STH-9 isn't just a coffee machine; it's a testament to XLVI's commitment to pushing the boundaries of coffee technology. Designed for high volume usage, it guarantees to elevate the brewing process, making it an essential asset for any café aiming to serve exceptional coffee consistently.

Transform your café with the XLVI STH-9, where every detail is engineered for perfection, offering your customers an unforgettable coffee experience.

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