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Peter on why he loves the Synesso MVP in the Darkstar Sensory Lab - Darkstar Coffee

Peter on why he loves the Synesso MVP in the Darkstar Sensory Lab

Peter is one of the star baristas who run the Darkstar Sensory Lab. He's whip fast on an espresso machine, funny, and incredibly knowledgable about coffee. Here he is on what makes the Synesso MVP a special machine.

"In the MVP, Synesso clearly took a lot of time perfecting the electronics while keeping the internal mechanics very simple. It just keeps going and going, but its also super user friendly."

It's hard to go wrong with today's range of high end machines, Peter says the mark of a good machine is that the day-to-day operation essentially gets out of your way: "From my perspective as a barista, once you get used to a machine you don't notice it." He said. 

"Part of what makes the MVP great is that it's overpowered even for what we ask of it at the Sensory Lab." He says, "We use just two of the six available presets for each grouphead. For our three group that's up to eighteen different profiles for pump pressure and water output."

We can get pretty high output in the Sensory Lab, you can set each profile to the same settings, allowing you to just hit the paddle from any angle and start a shot. However in an espresso bar with a low output of very high quality singles, you can get incredibly granular in exactly how you show up each coffee.

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