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Elevating Coffee Excellence: Discover Compak's Cube Tamp

Elevating Coffee Excellence: Discover Compak's Cube Tamp

In the realm of coffee, precision and consistency are not just ideals—they are essentials. Recognizing this, Compak Coffee Grinders, a company revered for its high-quality coffee grinders since 1952, has once again proven its commitment to excellence and innovation with the introduction of the Cube Tamp, an automatic coffee tamper designed to elevate the coffee experience in cafes and coffee shops across the globe.

The Essence of Cube Tamp

The Cube Tamp stands out for its ability to deliver consistent pressing in all services, ensuring a flat and residue-free puck every time. This precision is paramount for achieving optimal extraction and, ultimately, the perfect cup of coffee. Despite its compact size, the Cube Tamp does not compromise on performance, making it an ideal addition to any coffee shop aiming to offer superior quality beverages.

Key Specifications at a Glance

  • Motor Output: 65 W
  • Compactor Diameter: Options range from 53 mm to 58.5 mm
  • Dimensions: 280 mm x 165 mm x 185 mm
  • Net Weight: 6.56 Kg

These specifications are indicative of the Cube Tamp's robust design and capability to handle the demands of a busy coffee shop environment.

Features That Set It Apart

  1. Adjustable Tamping Pressure: With a range from 10 to 30 Kg (22-66 lb), baristas can fine-tune the tamping pressure to match the coffee grind and desired extraction, ensuring each cup is brewed to perfection.
  2. Portafilter Compatibility: The adjustable height of the portafilter holder makes the Cube Tamp compatible with a wide array of portafilters, ensuring versatility across different coffee machines.
  3. Advanced Electronic Features: From a manual cleaning mode to an OLED display with touch pad, the Cube Tamp is equipped with features that make it easy to use and maintain. The enlightened tamping area adds a touch of sophistication to the coffee preparation process.

Beyond Specifications: The Compak Commitment

At the heart of Compak's innovations is a vision that extends beyond manufacturing superior equipment. Born from a dedication to serve the most demanding coffee shops around the world, Compak's portfolio, including the Cube Tamp, reflects a commitment to not just meeting but exceeding the expectations of professionals in the coffee industry.

The Cube Tamp, with its precision, consistency, and user-friendly features, represents Compak's dedication to supporting the coffee community in crafting beverages that delight and inspire. Whether it's the adjustable tamping pressure or the compact design that fits seamlessly into any coffee shop's workflow, the Cube Tamp is designed to be an indispensable tool in the pursuit of coffee excellence.

Compak: A Legacy of Innovation

Compak Coffee Grinders has been on the leading edge of coffee grinding technology since its inception in 1952. With a focus on high-quality manufacturing and innovative design, Compak continues to support coffee professionals with tools that enhance their craft. The Cube Tamp is a testament to this legacy, embodying the precision, reliability, and innovation that Compak is known for.

As the coffee industry continues to evolve, Compak remains committed to providing solutions that meet the ever-changing demands of coffee professionals. The Cube Tamp is just one example of how Compak is contributing to a future where coffee is not just consumed but celebrated for its quality and craftsmanship.

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