San Isidro Estate, El Salvador

San Isidro Estate, El Salvador

 Molasses, Lavender, Cacoa Nibs

    Origin Information

    San Isidro estate is located in the Tecapa – Chinameca mountain range, on the side of the Alegria Volcano.  The Schonenberg family have been involved in coffee for many generations, as producers, millers and even exporters at one point.  In 2007 Sylvia decided to take over her portion of the farm, immediately looking for ways to make improvements to not only the estate, but also to her community, by bringing in electricity, fixing roads and homes and implementing other social programs to improve the quality of life.

    Also making changes on the agronomical side, Sylvia she started planting new trees throughout, Choosing the bourbon varietal for most of it, and yellow Icatu varietal for the lower sections of the property. New shade trees of different species were also planted, in order to improve the productivity of the farm and aid in maintaining the biodiversity of the ecosystem. 

    All the love and effort poured into these improvements has yielded great results: higher productivity and better quality, as all the coffee produced in San Isidro is considered SHG Plus quality. This was validated by two top 20 places in the El Salvador Cup Of Excellence, in 2008 and 2009.

    Technical Information

    Country: El Salvador
    Region: Cordillera Tecapa - Chinameca
    Altitude: 1,300 - 1,400 masl
    Process: Washed
    Producer Sylvia Schonenberg
    Variety: Bourbon