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Expobar MegaCrem

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Unveiling the Megacrem, an exquisite embodiment of stellar design and unwavering performance. Crem's (formerly Expobar) standout model, the Megacrem, has swiftly gained an unparalleled reputation, making it a formidable contender against even its pricier rivals in the espresso domain.

Distinguished Features:

  1. Master Craftsmanship: With every unit meticulously hand-assembled by seasoned professionals, the Megacrem bears testimony to Crem's unyielding commitment to unparalleled craftsmanship. The selection of only the highest-grade components ensures durability and consistent performance.

  2. User-centric Design: Fitted with luminous blue touch pad buttons, baristas can effortlessly control coffee dosing. Coupled with features like direct pre-infusion, steam pressure gauge, automatic boiler refill, and a dedicated back-flush program, crafting the perfect brew becomes a seamless affair.

  3. Advanced Electronic Switchboard: Say goodbye to guesswork. The five-selection buttons positioned above each group ensure precision, allowing for the ideal coffee quantity dispensation at a mere touch.

  4. Disavè’s Intuitive Shot Timer Upgrade: Elevate the barista's craft with this game-changing feature. Disavè’s shot timers not only track the extraction time but also provide instantaneous feedback. Whether it's a perfect brew, an over-extraction, or under-extraction, the barista receives real-time insights. Additionally, the capability to gather daily performance statistics via a USB connection serves as an incentive for maintaining impeccable quality consistently.

  5. Personalise Your Megacrem:

    • Custom Coating: Though the stainless-steel panels can undergo powder coating, the palette is restricted to the powder coat range.
    • Additional Upgrades: From lever steam arms, illuminating barista lights, and element upgrades for rapid steam and hot water recovery, the Megacrem offers a myriad of customisation options to align with your specific requirements.

The Megacrem isn't just an espresso machine; it's a testament to innovation, quality, and stellar craftsmanship. Whether you're seeking consistency, user-friendly features, or just sheer elegance, Megacrem is the answer. To delve deeper into its features or explore customisation options, our well-versed team at Disavè Espresso Equipment Suppliers is just a call away. Experience the future of coffee-making with the Megacrem.

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