Nyamasheke Gisovu - Rwanda

Nyamasheke Gisovu - Rwanda

Lemon Zest, Rockmelon, Winey

    Origin Information

    Led by two brothers, one dream, and the land of a thousand hills, the Rwanda Gisovu is a 100% Red Bourbon farmed across the Nyamasheke district. Known for its impeccable climate and rich soil, this region is optimal for creating quality coffee. The Muraho family is committed to showcasing to the world the very best coffee Rwanda has to offer and focusses on helping cooperatives increase their quality of production while working to introduce them to new markets. This varietal, Red Bourbon is admired for its acidity and remarkable uniformity. 

    Technical Information

    Country: Rwanda
    Region: Nyamasheke
    Altitude: 1,850 masl
    Process: Fully Washed
    Producer Muraho Trading Company
    Variety: Red Bourbon