Zarauz, Colombia

Zarauz, Colombia

Citrus Fruits, Maple Syrup, Apricot

    Origin Information

    Zarauz is a single estate that started as a retirement plan for the spouses of Francisco Matias and Gabriela Monroy. Since the beginning, the focus has been on the production of high quality coffees through rigorous standards throughout every step of the process. They are a family that care for the wellbeing of their workers by providing a fair remuneration and safe working environment with adequate infrastructure.

    The province is located in Togui, a town in Boyaca Department. The name Togui comes from the Chibcha language, meaning “river of the wife’ or “house of the dog”


    Technical Information

    Country: Colombia
    Region: Zarauz
    Altitude: 1,700 masl
    Process: Fully Washed
    Producer Small Farm Holders
    Variety: Castilo, Etiope